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Discover the 7 best stones to clean the energy of the house.

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

Much more than an ornament for the house, a lucky charm or a pendant for a necklace, the stones and crystals have the healing power and have been used for thousands of centuries. In addition to aligning the chakras, each has a different benefit, they can help the respiratory system, improve anxiety, relieve cramps and there are even crystals and stones to filter energy. So it is important to keep them close at all times! Thanks to their esoteric properties, these minerals have the ability to filter and neutralize what is negative, leaving a much more harmonious environment. Stones can also be used to connect us with the interior and the essential, freeing us from what doesn't do us good. Because they are natural elements composed of different chemical and geometric shapes, they have unique energies and, therefore, we separate the best stones to filter energies. You can use them at home or even charge them daily. Check it out below: 1. Black tourmaline Very famous in the mystical world, Black Tourmaline is one of the most powerful stones that exists, as it absorbs negative energies and neutralizes the environment, leaving its aura clean and positive. This is due to the beneficial electrical particles called ions, through which the stone emits. It is recommended to carry it in your pocket or leave it at the front door of your home. 2. Onyx Onyx is ideal for anyone who needs help to achieve their goals. It is known to be the stone of personal fulfillment, as it is able to channel energies to keep us centered and allow us to achieve our goals. The ideal is to always keep it closed during the day to day so that your results are more effective. 3. Black kyanite Also known as "witch's broom", due to its mop-like shape, Black Cyanite is perfect for energy cleaning. You can use it by passing it through the body, while mentalizing the negative energies that leave. Do this procedure as many times as necessary. Among the stones to filter energy, it is certainly one of the most suitable. 4. Blue kyanite Blue Cyanite is ideal for those looking for more strength and determination. It is a protective stone, capable of blocking negative energies due to its high frequency vibrations. Also widely used in meditation, you can carry it hanging from a pendant or leave it near the entrance door to purify the environment. 5. White Quartz White quartz represents wisdom and healing. This crystal is great for increasing self-esteem and calming the mind, and may even protect you from nightmares and thus improve your sleep. To enjoy these benefits, just leave it in the desired environment. 6. Selenite Among the stones to filter energy, Selenite stands out for being the ideal crystal for those who wish to increase contact with their spiritual guides. His great purifying power allows him to connect us with the higher planes. You can keep it in the environment where you meditate or carry it on a pendant to activate its power. 7. Amethyst In addition to being a beautiful stone for decoration, Amethyst is also very powerful and capable of intensifying our intuition. It is also known as the stone of spirituality, for helping to get closer to God. You can have it around when you meditate or leave it in a place of prayer.


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